Group Invitation
Send group invitations automatically with your our easy to use Group Invitation System.
Group Notices
Schedule a notice for a specific time or send one immediately. Repeat Daily notices and much more.
Estate Management
Your bot can perform actions like Region Restarts, Sim Messages, and Restrict Avatar's by Age.
Bank Bot
Transfer money between your bot and you with just a click of a button.
CasperTech CasperLet Compatible
Setup our Bots with CasperLet Rental System. Its quick and seamless. No gathering special codes, just login to CasperLet and set us up.
ApexBots Analytics
Setup our Analytics Module with your bot and get real-time statistics directly at your fingertips. We do all the calculations so you know how to better market your region or business to gain traffic like the pros!

Bot Features

  •  Group Inviter
  •  Send Money
  •  Age Limiter **
  •  Auto Accept Group Invitations
  •  Auto Sit on Object
  •  Auto Responder
  •  Region Restart**
  •  Sim Message**
  •  Base Location
  •  Upload Textures

plus much more….

** Requires Estate Manager Privileges.

Group Features

  •  Send Group Invitation's
  •  Send and Schedule Notices
  •  Send Group IM's
  •  Live Group Membership Count
  •  Live Group Membership Data
  •  Export Group Member's
  •  FULL API Available

plus much more….

Why Choose ApexBots?

No Software Required.
We host all bots on our dedicated servers..
Lower Cost
We offer most of the same features as our competitors at a more affordable price.
100% Customer Service
Our Customer Service team is available 24 hours a day. 7 Days a week, Even on Major Holidays!.
API Access Available
Our development team will work with you to apply our bots magic to any of your creations.

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