Resell Terminals are finally here!

The Resale Terminals are finally here.  and with that are some rules you must agree to.

— We have changed the terminals so we no longer have to place them, You rez them where you want them, agree to permissions, etc —-

Resale Terminals Provide the following functions:

  1. Web Acct = This allows users to create an account at your terminal.
  2. Pay Services = This allows users to pay for their bot services.

Rules for Franchise Terminals.

  1. You must rez out the terminals and have them out in a public viewable area.
  2. You must not alter, change, or put any prim over the terminal.
  3. Your terminal will check in with our systems at undetermined times during the day. We reserve the right to remove your terminal at any time.
  4. You must keep the terminals rezzed out to receive your discount. If you rez out a terminal, pay it and remove it. You will be blocked from using the Reseller Kit.
  5. The starting reseller kit starts at 10%, If you dedicate an area, with landing point and have a good bit of sign-ups, you can be increased up to 25%.




Apex Staff.