Update 5/9/2018

Hello All, I have been working on the bot software for a few days to implement a user request for auto touch and Script Reply. I’m proud to announce we just finished up the Beta Testing on it and it will be launched tonight in the restart of the bots.

This is how it works:

1. Create the Bot, and Configure Auto Touch. – The bot will log in, auto touch an object based upon asset key provided. This way if you have a tip jar system or something to that effect it will touch where it needs to touch upon login.  You can also tell the bot to retouch the item via the web control panel.
2. Auto Script Reply — If your touched object has a blue box menu or a dialog menu, You can make the bot respond to that blue box menu. This is useful for DJ Boards, Tip Jars, and other things. Ex. If you have to log in to a tip jar that has a blue box. You can tell the bot once touch to click the Log in button on the blue box or dialog menu.


These features come at no additional cost, however, if abused we reserve the right to change it.  Also remember, that you need to make sure your not violating the Terms of Service by using your bot in an inappropriate manner.