New InWorld Main Location

Good Evening Everyone!.

I hate to have to inform you that we once again have to move sims.  We are back with ZoHa Estates and plan to stay there.  I hate to have to write a blog about this but this is the best place to do this so you know why we keep changing sims.

We were with ZoHa estates on a full prim sim, our land agent threw them Sherilynn Baxton took care of us very well.  We needed to downgrade our sim because there was really no since to have a full prim sim when we only use 900 prims.  We decided it was time to go back to a homestead and went looking for one. We came across one by RGF Estates. 

RGF was a mistake, let me tell you why. RGF had a homestead sim for 6288 a week, I’m thinking ok great!, it was affordable and I could rent it immediately. So I set up the store, sent out landmarks to all of you to update and things were going great for the last week.  That all changed this morning when I logged into messages from other people stating that RGF Estate’s jacks the tier rates upon clients once they move in because they prey on people rezzing out their stuff, and then not want to pick it up and move so they sucker them into the tier increase.

I swiftly got in touch with the agent at ZoHa Estates and got a homestead threw them, and decided to quickly move the main store back to ZoHa Estates. I look forward to staying with them again for awhile and don’t plan on any sudden changes to move the store again.

If you rent from RGF Estates, and they have treated you this way, consider contacting Sherilynn Baxton with ZoHa, because she took care of us when we needed it most. Don’t let anyone fool you into a sim, to jack the tier rate a week or two later.


Our New Location is HERE